Durable sail Bladders directly from OEM Manufacturer

Order form: Spare Mast Bladder for inflatable windsurf sail

L total, mm
L upper, mm
L lower, mm
A, mm
B, mm
С, mm
A1, mm
B1, mm
Quantity, pieces
Bladders are made in a reinforced design from a material thickness of 0.25 mm.

The thickness of the material is enough to endure frequent overpumping, will not explode after a long stay in direct sunlight.

For Our product we are using high quality TPU film.

  1. More about material we use

Seams are welded on dedicated equipment, the 8mm welding seam ensures the durability of the product.

Bladders design is compatible with inflatable windsurf sails Duotone, Aero

Our Bladders are designed universal and supplied WITHOUT VALVES.
Valves, related to your sail model are to be glued immediately before installing a new bladder.

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